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Medical Research Insights

Kicking cancer with technology

A new, real-time analytics software that improves the efficiency of cancer research. It was in collaboration with the German National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT). From research to detailed design, I was responsible for the creative direction and management of the design team.

Date: 2014 Client: SAP, NCT

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Swisscom TV 2.0

Redesiging the Swisscom TV product experience.

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Launched in April this year, Swisscom TV 2.0 has proven popular among customers, with 130,000 opting for the new TV experience within the first five months. As a freelance UX Lead I designed the search, recording, and digital out-of-the-box experience for this set-top box.

Date: 2013 Client: Swisscom

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Follow your friend’s weather

App to the Future Finalist & Honorable Mention

Frigo is the first weather app that let’s you follow your friend’s weather.

“I love this simple social twist on tracking weather.” —Chris Caldwell

“This could be killer, it is the ease, and then the “ambient” information that is emotionally connective.” —Eric Ludlum

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Mobile Shopping

Zalando now available on iOS, Android & Windows 8

I lead the design for Zalando’s mobile experience on Windows 8, iPhone and Android from the scratch. One million consumer downloads were reached within the first 7 months. In June 2013 the iOS application ranked number one in the “Top Free Categories” of the iOS App Charts.

Date: 2012 Client: Zalando

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Vodafone 360 Visual Design Strategy

A new Internet service for the mobile, PC and Mac.

For the new Vodafone 360 service I designed a friendly and sustainable visual solution that sets the foundation for a flexible component library. In close collaboration with the brand team, I defined the identity of the visual design language: core values, mood board, key elements and behaviors, and high-level guidelines.

Date: 2008 Client: Vodafone Global, Samsung

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Auditory training watch for runners

Synchronize music beat and step frequency

Ritmo proactively integrates music into the runners’ training. Through auditory feedback and music tempo adaptation it supports and stimulates the athletes’ workout.

Ritmo is a thoroughly developed concept of a music player for runners, that synchronizes the beat of the music and step frequency. The IGD Rostock had developed music-modulation software, that allows modification of the music’s tempo (within certain limits) without changing the pitch of the tone. I developed my own research methods to come up with essential behaviors of the software, such as the exact way in which the transitions would be modulated, as either the music would match the timing of the steps or vise versa. Besides interface design, informatics and creative research methods, theories of training and running played an important role.

Date: 2007
Client: Fraunhofer IGD Rostock