Article out: From Dashboard to Cockpits

Read Mauro Regos and my article “From Dashboard to Cockpits” on in Service Design Touchpoint journal

D-Code 2014: How Co-Innovation Helps Us To Build Better Software for our Customers


Today at the SAP Arene Mannheim I spoke in front of over 1000 developers about how co-innovation and a user centered design process helps us to build better software for our customers.
The talk was based on a successful co-innovation project that we did with one of our customers. The key success factors were (1) that we co-designed with our customer and end users (2) that we used a user centered design process (3) that we worked closely with the developers as “one team”.

Vodafone 360 Mobile shown in Tatort, really?!


When I watched Tatort “Auf ewig Dein” last Sunday, I almost could not believe it: The Vodafone 360 phone was used by one of the main actors. This brings up good old memories of building a flat design for a phone before the Windows Phone came out. It was an amazing experience to create and drive the visual design strategy for this phone and other digital touch points of the Vodafone 360 service over 5 years ago. And it was a great honor to work with Guy Papstein and our team.

Patient Data Explorer recognized by the White House Office of Science and Technology

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.49.44 AM

In the official announcement by the White House, the passage related to the project with NCT reads:

“SAP, Stanford University and the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg accelerate real-time personalized medicine from the “bench to the bedside
[...] In clinical care, SAP and the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg, Germany are piloting a Medical Explorer tool based on SAP HANA. Physicians and researchers can securely analyze clinical and genomic data in real-time for patient breakthroughs in cancer diagnostics and treatment options. Phase 2 was launched in September 2013 and will emphasize how to predict disease risk and better match patients to clinical trials [...].”

Visit us at the Service Design Global Conference in Cardiff

Come and participate in our workshop “Shipyard for Big Data Sailors: streamlining your back-office” at the Service Design Global Conference. Together we will explore the latest SAP technology and redesign the back office operation of business. Mauro Rego and myself from the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center are looking forward to be your host.

Zalando Mobile Apps reached 1 mio downloads after 7 months

Last year I worked for Zalando when we designed and build the company’s first mobile shopping app for iOS and Windows 8 tablet. Now the iOS and Android mobile application have been downloaded 1 million times. This is great news — 7 months after the launch. Thanks everyone!

“Exactly after seven months in Apple’s App Store and just three months in the Google Play Store, the Zalando smartphone apps have reached a pretty cool milestone.” Zalando’s Official Tech Blog

Impressions from Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive Berlin

Check out the video of Scenes from Adaptive Path’s UX Intensive in Berlin this year and try to spot me. It was a great four-day workshop series with lots of fun, hands-on activities designed to build skills and provide a framework that you can immediately put into practice.


Honorable Mention Finalist: Know your friends weather with Frigo

My Windwos 8 App Frigo was selected as Honorable Mention Finalist of the App to the Future design contest by Core77 and Microsoft.

Frigo is the first weather app for Windows Phone that tells you how your friend’s feel. Instead of manually adding locations, Frigo let’s you add people, so you always know their weather no matter where they are.

“I love this simple social twist on tracking weather.” —Chris Caldwell
“This could be killer, it is the ease, and then the “ambient” information that is emotionally connective.” —Eric Ludlum

Fore details on the competition: